Ganrokh t1_ithlvwa wrote

Not OP, but my wife and I just moved into Springfield proper last year after spending most of our lives living in random suburbs between here and Joplin. We've tried a majority of the restaurants ever recommended here on this subreddit. We're also not picky eaters to the extent that we love a number of restaurants that never get mentioned here. A "what to avoid" thread is quite useful for us.

Besides, there's a new "what asian restaurants do you recommend" thread on this sub every other week. If someone wants recommendations, they're all over here. Seeing a thread go in the opposite direction is refreshing.


Ganrokh t1_iryvnlj wrote

I found the new owner on social media. He's the head of a couple of small Republican groups in the area. He hasn't been active on social media (as far as I can tell) since 2018, so I don't know his opinion on COVID or January 6th, but I could probably guess...