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>So can I through shade on your generation for overthinking everything and getting muddled in poorly informed details. >Cuz you do and we think all y’all r fucking it up in ur own generational way 💋-Gen X.

But why though? I've got plenty of esoteric knowledge in my head and am always giving advice on repairs and technical things, to people older and younger, without feeling the need to be a prick about it. I've got the knowledge because it's my area of interest and experience, they don't because they aren't predisposed toward these interests. Doesn't make me better or them worse, we're different people from different walks of life with different things to offer.


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I'm kind of curious to see some epic film like gladiator prepared for orchestra accompaniment, but with no orchestra. Like, the whole film without music. You never get to see finished films like that and I'd be interested to see just exactly how much you lose (I'm guessing a lot).


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Oh man that's epic. When the Rohirrim arrive at Helm's Deep, goosebumps. And then Return of the King, the ending, fuggedaboudit, there won't be a dry eye in the house.