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Fun movie. I remember reading somewhere that the movie itself is a propaganda film.

The movie makes the military more inept and silly seeming rather than scary evil which is what those MKUltra experiments were.


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It was super popular in the gay club scene in the early 80s as drag show musicals. Truthfully, I don't really see it any different than country line dancing except with more sequins.

The movie itself is pretty not great but the experience is fun. Also if the place allows you to throw toast.


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I went to a Catholic high school first year of high school and it sucked. I'm not religious and was an edgy kid into punk and metal during the height of the Satanic Panic in the 80s. All my teachers hated me except for my art teacher who was also the religion teacher. I'd draw zombies and demons and monsters and she'd always give me great marks.

The next year I went to a public school. My art teacher was this gay dude who was a total dick because I wasn't good at following directions and doing his style. He got me kicked out.

I got sent to another religious school and the art teacher was this cool old hippy dude that would let you do your own thing but give you tips on how to do it.


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Bush's Dad and their buddies in the military industrial complex hijacked the US in the 80s/90s by teaming up with the major media conglomerates to take over independent media, wipe out the journalism industry, and keep young people from protesting their endless wars.

The reason Americans got FOX News is because these guys deregulated the media, allowing it to be monopolized which is why Disney, Warner, Viacom, etc own everything now.


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Industrial Hemp is a better idea. Grows faster, is a natural carbon filter, and it can be used to transition to the new green tech industry that is finding all kinds of useful ways to make stuff with hemp. Grow trees too in urban areas but grow hemp elsewhere.


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My dog absolutely saved my sanity during the pandemic. He passed away a couple of months ago which messed with my mental state a lot more than I thought. I've since adopted a new pup and we're getting along good. Pets are the best anti-depressant.


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These are all the most generic songs ever. There's no flow or continuity between them. We used to dj an 80s retro night in the 90s/00s.

80s had genres too. Metal, punk, funk, new wave, etc...

The best plan is making small 3 song sets that are similar and using the last song to segue into the next set/genre. It's a lot easier when you have a crapload of albums in front of you to choose from.

Take one song from your list. Money for Nothing. Easy, pick a couple 80s tracks that have a similar vibe. It came out in 1985.

There's lots of songs on that list which would work. Doesn't even have to be the same year.


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I'm not American or an SJW.

> Prove it then

You're on a sub devoted to 'white people' talking about a movie about slaves getting revenge against their southern masters.

Black people in the 80s were tired of this stuff back then.

> sementing

I normally ignore typos but how do you fuck up spelling cementing? If english isn't your native tongue, I'd understand.