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This came out in 1987 and satirized American's fixation with slave and ghetto movies.

Pulp Fiction came out in 1994 and played heavily off the same stereotypes Hollywood Shuffle criticized.

I'm not American. My observation is critical of Hollywood and left leaning Americans who eat this stuff up.

> If you can’t watch Pulp Fiction without being hyper fixated on race, you might be the racist

Everything you guys watch is about race. Even this stupid ass post is about a slave movie. I don't think it's me that has the race problem.


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Mario Van Peebles started the genre in the early 70s as a serious black film maker but Hollywood appropriated the genre to sell a dumbed down superficial version to white consumers who love all things 'black'.

This song is almost 100 years old.

White American youth were stuck going to church on Sunday, praying nightly, and being told pretty much everything fun is 'sinful'.

Meanwhile, 'black' people were partying, smoking weed, getting drunk, having sex, and making good music.

Race records in the past were made by black artists then appropriated by the music industry who sold it to white kids who loved it and hated their parents, the church, their teachers, etc...

They turned anti-establishment and became rebel Hipsters.

Hollywood has been exploiting black people since Vaudeville & Minstrel shows. This was fairly common knowledge until the early 90s to be honest.


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Opposite actually. This stuff was designed to pander to the 60s/70s version of 'social justice warriors'.

This scene from Fritz the Cat satirizes those types of people.

This Kids in the Hall skit satirizes the 90s version.


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Reservoir Dogs isn't blaxploitation but True Romance and Pulp Fiction both rely on the stereotypes. Sam Jackson and Gary Oldman specifically. Blaxploitation is aimed at white youth consumers who love the urban image. Jackie Brown was just a blatant blaxploitation movie after people forgot why they were criticized in the past.


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> Yes, yes he did

No, no he didn't.

He never said he wrote the plot, he just pitched the idea to use a slave theme for his video.

Tarantino said he had the idea earlier but he also confirms most of Kanye West's statement. Saying he had the idea earlier is not something anyone can prove or disprove however.

I'm not defending Kanye West. Dumb thing to try to take credit for personally, especially since the Django character was based on the earlier Mandingo movies from the 70s and Tarantino made his career by reviving Blaxploitation.


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I don't get why Americans do this.

I'm Canadian. I have access to Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, restaurants within walking distance.

We have a Chinatown district but it's not just for Chinese people. A lot of the smaller restaurants there are kind of sketchy when it comes to cleanliness but inspectors keep them on their toes.


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Or you could face the reality that you have limited time to exist and you should really try to make the most of it while you can.

If your existence is suffering, unless you have physical disabilities, all your problems are internal and your negativity won't do you any lick of good. I know this from experience way too well.

I'm tired of negativity. I want happiness.


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I was at this festival in 93. They Might Be Giants, Violent Femmes, Bad Brains, Ramones as headliners with a ton of decent smaller bands. It was over the weekend in a farmer's field and it was awesome.

This was from the year earlier:

Smaller festivals are a lot less chaotic. They had to stop because they got too big. Now they're just way too corporate.