Gathoblaster t1_iu2zrd1 wrote

When humanity reached the stars it was only inevitable we would eventually disconnect and break apart. Over the last 700 years my crew and I have been to countless midworlds, industrial worlds and even some medieval ones. Never once however had I seen one so...primitive. I only made a surface scan of the settlements and from what I could tell they didnt even figure out farming yet. Still nomads...or rather...nomads again. Theyre human afterall. Their ancestors mustve crashlanded here millenia ago, maybe even one of the first to be shot down. It doesnt matter really. I am stuck here now and I dont exactly have the constitution for the caveman life. I am sure I spent weeks or months dug into the soil before my onboard alarm triggered for the first time. Tiny feet.


My automatic systems lock down all doors and disperse Hallogen gas to incapacitate any possible intruders as is protocol. Yet there are more footsteps. More intruders. I scan every deck yet the floor pressure plates tell me nothing.

"Hello!" yells a high pitched voice that must belong to the tiny intruder. "Hellooo. Echo!"

"What do you think you are doing here?" my voice sounds imposing as it blares throughout the ship. "I was playing here when the door closed! Do you live here?" "Of sorts." "Who are those people?" I assume she points at my crew. "They are sleeping. I cant wake them up." "Can you let me out?"

In that very moment I ran a few calculations. My reactor is still running. With most of me disabled the only thing requiring power is my core and the caskets containing my hybernating crew. I was designed to run for 2000 years if left alone. I could probably manage that tenfold now. If I play my cards just right...I could teach them. Groom a civilization into my own personal repair crew and get back out there. It sounds ridiculous. Yet I dont exactly have much to lose either.

"Sure. Ill open the doors. But before you go." "Y-Yes?"

"Ever had a hamburger?"

^Wrote ^this ^in ^a ^feverish ^state ^while ^going ^through ^what ^I ^assume ^is ^covid ^so ^dont ^expect ^much ^coherence. ^Might ^make ^a ^part ^2 ^if ^it ^turned ^out ^any ^good