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I enjoyed Harry's Law a lot. I remember everyone being shocked that it was cancelled, especially since it was doing really well in the ratings. If I remember correctly, NBC was trying to get a younger audience and pulled the show because their audience skewed older, which made no sense to me.


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I've mentioned this before, but it's a story I like to tell every time I come across a post about Christina Applegate. In about 2005, I was working at a luxury hotel in Manhattan that had just opened, and we had celebrities coming in non-stop every day. I met everyone from Oprah to Martha Stewart to Will Smith. One night I was working late, and Christina Applegate came in to our lounge to have a drink with her mother. I had just seen her in a musical she was doing on Broadway called Sweet Charity, and I told her how much I enjoyed her performance and loved the show, as I was a big musical theater nerd and was in the show in high school. She spent a good ten minutes talking to me about the show and her work getting it going and rehearsals out of town and so much more. She couldn't have been nicer. Of all the celebrities I interacted with that year, she was definitely the most kind and genuine one that I met, and that conversation is one that I'll always remember. Also, later on, I came to realize that she had broken her foot during preview performances of Sweet Charity, and they were going to shut the whole production down until she convinced the producers and put in her own money to keep the production alive. She kept all of the cast and crew employed, and the show ended up running for 279 performances.


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Gotham was such a fun show. I love that it never took itself too seriously and really embraced the craziness and violence of the comics. I also think it had some of the best adaptations of the villains I've seen. Ever since I was a kid, Batman Returns has been one of my favorite films, and this series reminded me a lot of that.