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Does it burn? Do I have to shave myself to wear the body suit that will treat my body wide SFN.

Seriously, I'm well over recommended dosage of horizant, and I'm on another med, plus hydro. The pain is still intense, and only getting worse. Affects my entire skin from the neck line down. I want this now. Neurologist have no idea what to do with me and just started up a referral to the Mayo Clinic. This would be life changing!


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For anyone wondering the obvious "tell me the downside/why it won't hit the markets anytime soon."

But the authors also found challenges for the field. The first of these is the ability to scale up to industrial processes that are compatible with the current industry standard CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) manufacturing techniques—especially because most meta-optical components rely on a transparent substrate, which CMOS is not.

Secondly, they found the ability to make tunable or reconfigurable metamaterials to enable dynamic components—just as the pixels on a TV screen can change color many times per second—was elusive.

"This is an unsolved problem that we put forward as the main challenge for the field. It's the key element for the field, everybody needs it now," Professor Neshev said.

"There is a misconception that it has been done—people do a small step and in their papers project to a faraway future. But no one can actually modulate the phase at a pixel level for a large array."

If these challenges can be solved then meta-optics technology has enormous potential, Professor Neshev said.

Looks incredibly interesting. Game changing, as posted, but those are some significant obstacles to overcome.


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I don't know. I'd think I'd be happy that everyone was questioning it all. I would probably even be ecstatic if I was disproven on something. It tells me we don't know it all , and there is much more to discover!