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So, You just go around shooting innocent people, because they, or what they're doing, looks suspicious. As Yakov Smirnoff once said, "What a Country!"

Besides, Ethics left the building, a long time ago. When Our so-called "Pillars of the Community" commit crimes, and get off, scot-free, or nearly so, why do you expect Ethical Behavior, from the Lower Classes?

I listen to NPR a lot, and a long time ago, and I believe the person quoted was referring to Ronald Reagan: "A fish rots, from the head." I couldn't believe it, but NPR actually brought on a scientist, who assured The Public, that a fish begins rotting, from the liver.


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Ask the Electric Companies, and The Municipalities. Nationwide, Copper gets a good price, and the Electric Companies have a terrible time with theft of copper wire. People have been known to sneak into Electric Substations, at night, and steal Copper (and perhaps, aluminum) wiring, because of the price it can get, at the scrap yards. It was so bad in Ohio, that The State passed a law, requiring that anyone selling Copper wiring, to the Scrap Yards, was required to "sign off" when they receive payment for it. There was a case, in my hometown of Columbus, where a thief cut down a utility pole, in the wee hours of the morning, to steal Copper Wire from the lines, and perhaps the transformer; knocking out power in the immediate area.

People have gone into vacant homes, and rented Apartments, and "gutted" them, of anything that can be passed as scrap. I've seen storm sewer gratings, and manhole covers stolen, as well as street light wiring boxes, vandalized. The thieves take the Aluminum Covers, exposing the wiring, and maybe take the wiring, itself. This exposes the wiring to The weather, and Children. Iron and Steel doesn't bring a high price, per pound, but a 100-pound Sewer Cover, can net you, $5.