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There usually something going on last event I went to was for MS they had prize drawings, there was a band the place was pretty pack and everyone was having a great time, and if there's not an event you're guaranteed to see the same locals. Next to hysteria there's lost ark a distillery they usually have some type of event going on. Actually Columbian has a couple of breweries and distilleries close .


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When my wife and I got married and ready to buy our first home, and start a family ,we wanted to do that in Columbia, now 15 years later alot has changed but we still feel safe , it's true that crime is up, taxes are rising, but we feel since there isn't much of a night life scene you tend to spend most of your time hanging out with friends, cook outs, fire pits, pot lucks etc... but like anywhere be prepared to protect yourself and family, the old adage applies prepare for the worst hope for the best.


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Fair point, I usually watch fox, NBC, ABC, but as I search my options I see most of these are included in various streaming companies, just trying to ease the shock of transitioning to a new way to view TV being with Comcast for so many long years ( Ever since they where maryland company with A/B sides)