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I still game. But my steam deck has been great. Plus my Nintendo switch. Between the two I don’t do much actual desktop gaming anymore. And when I do, it’s for some of my older titles that my system can weather. There’s too many new games and not enough time in my late 30s now. So my library just keep building. I’m not sure if I will continue upgrading anymore. Or just sort of freeze my computer and stop updating. Will essentially last forever (until the parts themselves burn out) without getting slow or laggy or not being able to keep up. But with cards nowadays costing as much as my whole gaming pc did when I built it, it’s not very enticing. Plus no more EVGA for GCs means I’m stumped there.


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Not sure why you’re being downvoted. People are trying to argue supply and demand with supply and demand. If the prices are high for the end product, more companies get into the market to try and make some money. This means more demand for the raw materials which, when there is limited availability of the raw material, increases their price, which increases the cost to manufacture, which increases the end product cost. It will be competition for the raw materials, not competition for your business.