Geneocrat t1_j7zhufi wrote

I had a broken thermometer safely stored in Tupperware and (super safely!) wrapped in a bread bag in my garage for three years.

Every so often I’d google how to dispose of it. I called places on lists and they had no idea what I was talking about.

Eventually I just threw it away. I decided it was safer than forgetting about it and someone accidentally exposing themselves.


Geneocrat t1_izvxa40 wrote

Great point. AI will be doing a lot more with a lot less.

There have to be so many inefficiencies with the design of CNNs and reinforcement.

Clearly you don’t need the totality of human knowledge to be as smart as a above average 20 year old, but that’s what we’ve been using.

ChatGPT is like a well mannered college student who’s really fast at using google, but it obviously took millions of training hours.

Humans are pretty smart with limited exposure to knowledge and just thousands of hours. When ChatGPT makes it’s own AI, it’s going to be bananas.


Geneocrat t1_iuilvsx wrote

There is no way in hell that thing is scalable.

The energy required to recognize the fruit, the place to pick it, what to do if it’s windy and moving… all that would be very energy intensive, like mining bitcoin server farm type of energy.

Then you have to believe many stems break and the fruit drops, or the fruit isn’t ready yet and you need to judgmentally follow up with a second crew in 2 days or whatever.

The machine would have to cost at least a million and any repair would be expensive as well. For a million dollars you could have a city of decently paid seasonal workers (ok well 250 workers with monthly expense of $4,000, so maybe a small village).

So initial cost plus energy plus upkeep plus net product gain loss (I’d like to the video of this machine working in rain or less than ideal conditions), I’m guessing the prospect of replacing humans is way down the line.

Disclaimer; I’m not a farmer.