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120hz vs 60hz is night and day difference but some argue that they can’t see it. I think these are just the people who are in denial for whatever reason, maybe jealous they don’t have it?

As soon as the 14 Pro and Max came out I predicted tons of posts and users praising the 120hz (those who didn’t get the 13Pro and Max) and what do ya know. People love it.

You’ll notice it when scrolling for the most part, watching videos and that the pro motion brings it down to the lowest hz to preserve battery. Some games have 120fps if gaming is your thing and you really notice it then. Also the animations and navigating throughout iOS’s already fluid OS is a real treat for the eyes and makes it ultra smooth imo.

Been using it since the Rog Phone 2 came out in early 2019 and I can’t go back. 60hz gives me a headache.


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Apple are still dominating the market in sales, even though they’ve dropped a small percentage, doesn’t mean any of what you’re saying is true. These days, not everyone needs or wants to update every year which makes total sense. Phones are as good as they are and will be for the coming years until something major comes.


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Like I said, if you can read. The only claims I’ve seen are other angry reddit users with lemon phones. Go get yours fixed, factory reset it as a start.

Yet you’ve still failed to provide any evidence of your claims, no respective YouTube reviewers or anything.