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Not sure about your neighborhood but we need the wildlife managed a bit better where I'm at or else the animals would just gobble everything up.

Anything edible in my yard gets decimated.

I love the idea though and have been planning to turn my yard into more of a food forest or edible permaculture. Still have to figure out the wildlife situation.


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I think there should be a special permit for short term rentals, all of them should be on a publicly viewable list and there should be a mechanism for reporting violations and complaints that can result in the permit being taken away.


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I had a vacancy I was trying to fill in a duplex over on Tryo Hill and probably 50% of the interest I received was from 3rd parties who wanted to rent from me and then sublet to short term renters.

I only talked to the first two before I realized this was a thing but they stated they are managing several properties in Troy Hill, Deutchtown, and Central Northside which gave me the impression this was somewhat popular and growing.


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Kuhn's is a no frills 1990 shopping experience, it's limited in selection but fine.

In East Allegheny you will have the North Side Farmer's Market from May - October, which is great.

At least one of the vendors there (Blackberry Meadows Farms) runs a reasonably priced CSA that you can pick up weekly at the market.


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Yeah it sucks.

And if you work for a large corporation, there is usually a time in the year where they pass the hat around and ask all employees to contribute to the PAC and to assume that whatever the PAC supports is in the best interest of the company, and therefore in yours as well as an employee.


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The world has committed to an energy transition, we have a semi-world war going on, we're dealing with high inflation and we've got record levels of government debt growing out of control.

Despite those realities, US consumption levels have increased since COVID.

It's not great and I think it'll get worse before it gets better.

Go with the generator until the gas company sends us the same notice.


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I also bought an old house, closed floorplan, dated throughout, has no AC, cheap price.

I like it, it's not for everyone.

I haven't put any money into it yet but all my friends ask what I am going to do with it.

Live in it (cheaply) mainly.