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So first, phrasing: what I meant was that I stand by that the media highlighting women does generate more clicks, which does generate more support. I am ok with this.

Everyone is forgotten in time unless they're a martyr, like it or not. One death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic. I hate that it's accurate but it is. Highlighting the women in this fight is the most effective way to garner international support. It's not about the individual sacrifices of those people, it's about what other governments can justify doing to help without jeopardizing their other endeavors. It's all a game, and we're all pawns.

I'd also add that Memorial Day started in 1868 well before women were in the military.

This isn't a sexist issue. It's a humanist issue. Stop trying to make it anything else.


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I think I get what you're going for here but that's objectively not true in so, so many ways. If you said media instead of society you might have more agreement as men are the "default" in a lot of things and especially in armed conflicts, but that men are an afterthought? Come on, that's absurd.

Edit: said as a white man in the US

Meant that highlighting women in a conflict tends to garner more media buzz because men are the default.