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That makes more sense. Why is retail so damn high?! I'm guessing the 4K is August was related to the move in July, maybe furniture or something, but I can't think of any other major expense in retail other than clothing and maybe electronics, but those are large non-recurring expenses. I find it hard to believe that you'd be buying nearly a thousand dollars worth of clothes every month, so it's probably a subcategory I'm not thinking of, but I have no idea what it is.


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A lot of numbers here are confusing, especially for that retail expense. I would guess that the reason for the move was going from remote to in-office work. I have no idea why OP's housing costs fluctuate so much though, even if you include utilities.


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That's fair, but it still wouldn't make this a valid comparison for what the author appears to be trying to show.

If I wanted to compare the change in population over time for the purposes of studying demographic, and I was looking at the US and Canada, unsure if they included Puerto Rico as part of the US data...I can't just take the population of Toronto and New York and extrapolate implying it represents something for all of Canada versus all of the US.


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Ah ok, so you're visualizing China's demographic threat. Is there a reason you're not just using Russia and China's total populations? From a Google Search, it seems that the Chinese province you used is "China's northernmost province, with remote mountain ranges" so it could just be that the Chinese in that province are moving to less remote, more urban Chinese towns/cities outside of that province.


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Data Source: Forbes World's Billionaires List

Tools Used: Node.js for data analysis/processing, React.js for data visualization. Affinity Designer for adding additional titles and labels.

A lot of wealth has been transferred in the past few years...first in 2020-2021 with the COVID-19 pandemic, and again now in the 2022-2023 recession. Searching online, I was surprised to find a few people on this list that I've never heard of before (Gautam Adani, Mukesh Ambani, Carlos Slim Helu). I created this graphic to visualize how today's top 10 billionaires net worth has been affected by all these changing economic events worldwide in recent years. The list is sorted descendingly from highest current net worth to lowest current net worth, as of January 2023).


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Thanks for the comment. Sorry about that, little mistake on the face vs feel in the title there.

What you said would be really nice to measure. Unfortunately (or fortunately but let's not get into that debate), we don't have widespread use of standardized tests in Canada which makes these comparisons more difficult. I took a psychology course last year, and I'm nowhere near competent in that field but it's interesting to hear about your point of view regarding the potential correlation with the Big 5.