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I feel pretty confident that you know I was referring to the commenter. The zippity whoever. It feels intentionally obtuse to play a game wherein you don’t know who I was referring to. I know you know it wasn’t you. The cat and mouse thing is a waste of time for some of us. Some of us see the value in straight forward and not spending our lives beating around the bush.

My apologies if you weren’t being obtuse and beating around the bush. But if you weren’t? Work on your deduction skills. This part of the conversation was unnecessary. It was obvious. Don’t bother to argue back. I’m adverse to purposeless conversation and endless meaningless minutiae. The need to be right it prove your point is lost on me unless it’s actually useful or meaningful. This is not


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And this here is all the twisted ways that make this not clear cut.

I’m loving all the comments about healthcare providers being too religious or the system is making money off the backs of terminal patients. All from people who don’t get it or can’t think this deep.

There are so many ethical issues tied to this. It’s simply not that easy. You can see how few people understand the layers of this just reading through this thread.


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Perhaps you’re not aware that they don’t anymore. But go on with your bad self

Love the coat. Don’t care if you approve. I won’t consider others because you say so. I’m happy with it. I’m ok with it. Sorry. Find another cause that isn’t me. I don’t need you to fight for what is right for me.


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So, you’re not showing me anytbing I don’t know here as a native of snow and ice. Are you expecting to somehow educate with me via YouTube? I don’t have a lot of regard for those who cite YouTube videos during debate. Might as well cite Wikipedia while you’re at it.

Sincerely can’t believe you used YouTube as evidence or a citation.


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No. If they do the work anyway you go out there and shut it down immediately. They do not have the right to do that. Most people likely don’t fight or stop them. If they show up and start digging you go out, tell them no and call the cops. It’s that simple. It’s a battle but the principle matters. If it’s that important to you, you have a fight.


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He really doesn’t have to “progress academically” at his age. Let him be a kid. He’s going there to socialize and play, not get ready for the SAT. It will be far more beneficial to him to be the older member of his class as opposed to the too young member of class for the next 13 years. Try a different Pre-K if this one is a problem but there is no benefit in rushing him and possibly actual detriment.