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>CFO Russel told The Bolton News: “As Chief Fire Officer I have set out a clear and positive mission to tackle negative behaviours and attitudes within Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, and to foster an inclusive environment that welcomes and respects all colleagues.

Some shit stirrer: "Is this 'wokeism' gone mad"


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You can ask questions directly like:

"do you want me to talk or do you just need me to listen?"

"Do you want advice or someone to listen"

You can listen and repeat back what they say to really understand their problem:

"So you are having trouble with x"

You can do your best to empathize:

"That sounds so tough I'm sorry"

Or, alternatively, you can put up a personal boundary:

"Hey, I'm really sorry, that sounds tough but I really don't have the capacity to help/listen right now"

From there you can maybe point them to someone who can help

"I do know of this resource you could maybe try"