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The truth? It's really all just bring your own device in with these government officials.

And the actual government devices that are provided likely will have the things you just described. But the vast majority are BYOD and people are just being told to remove it.

Whether they do or not, is not possible to be checked because it is BYOD.


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People already forgotten that Cortana, Siri and Alexa are always listening and 3rd party contractors (those people who are paid very little and dont care if they are fired) have access to these audio prompts.

ChatGPT recording your text prompts is the last thing we need to worry about now.


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Unions might help but I honestly dont know how this will play out.

They arent exactly workers in the traditional sense.

"As in you unionize? Fuck it I'll just hire someone from India or Estonia to do your job. Still want to unionize?" Then throw in the typical "I'll make sure you will never work in this town ever again!" except instead of town, they might say something like industry because of how irrelevant location is.


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List of TikTok's crimes:

  1. Being Chinese
  2. Not being American
  3. Forcing users to accept ludicrous permissions that violate their privacy
  4. Promoting Vertical content when Horizontal content is objectively superior
  5. Recycling cringe meme formats within their user base
  6. Also polluting the interweb with video content that have annoying music stuck onto them with robotic voice narration.

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Dont look at this lawsuit from that angle.

Look at it from the angle of the rights groups. They are not suing Zuck to get money or anything. They are suing to cause him a headache so that he gets off his ass and deplatform the trolls.

Cause end of the day, what would have more effect? The rights group targetting hundreds of anonymous online trolls. Or one dude who doesnt want to be associated with another genocide.


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In the article, the customer opted in for that function thats how he discovered the vulnerability.

The flaw of the function is that it needed the file to first be uploaded to their server and that the upload was unencrypted.

>Moore had enabled the option manually, which is how the security flaw was eventually discovered. By default, the Eufy app’s camera notifications are text-only and don’t have the same issue, since there’s nothing to upload.


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To further illustrate just how (not really) useful VPNs are for stopping ads or trackers.

I am using a VPN right now to connect to Reddit from China and to give you an example, whenever I google "movie theaters near me". They always give me the list of the ones closest to me. Like a fairly accurate result yea? I am talking about anywhere between 5-20 minutes of driving.

This is me connecting from a country that has blocked google and google has vowed not to operate in, yet they still get my address right. Take it from me when I say VPNs do the bare minimum. There are many ways to track you online.


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I have to agree with their sentiments.

Out of all the chinese EV companies. BYD is the one that pretty much has all their shit together.

NIO is just shiny and Xpeng is just copying what NIO is doing.

But BYD already have electric buses and trucks.