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This idea that something stupid or something genre related can't be art is something I deeply disagree with. This movie will still have a story at its core. It will have themes and characters and potentially even social or political commentary. Whether or not those elements of the film are successful are subjective of course, but to me those elements and the attempt are worthy of critical consideration.


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Yeah, why try to protect local culture when we really know locals just want imported pop culture that has no significance regionally. Why tryto help local artists when we could keep giving the rich Hollywood talent more money and a louder voice! You're absolutely right, if it doesn't sell there's no purpose to art!


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The original is a much different type of film. Much more political and much less focused on zombie action. The virus in the original makes you crazy. It doesn't turn you into a zombie. The major focus of the film is the government's bungling of the attempt to contain the outbreak. I saw this during the first weeks of covid and it was quite apt.