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No he did not. Sounds like you read a one paragraph summary and not the source material. Open a book. He was more about moral restraint and not having children until you could afford them, with nothing about people killing themselves by being stupid. The guy was probably a racist, was against birth control, and certainly didn't foresee mechanized farming, but there are small nuggets of gold in his shit, and you not even reading it to critically assess it to find them, then making up things he didn't say does you no favors. He was way off base on a lot of things, probably bigoted, oversimplistic and unrealistic, but not everything he said was ridiculous, and he didn't say what you're ascribing to him at all. The 3rd grade poster assignment you got your information from was inadequate. Do some more reading.

Jesus inspired numerous genocides. You don't seem to understand your own point.


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In the Modern Developed World, he would be covered for theft no matter what he wanted, and his only choice in the matter would be the size of the deductible; pay more in advance to make it smaller, or it will a few grand if you need it. It would be impossible for it to be rented uninsured.

If you live in a regressive shithole country things like this will happen.