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This is a bait article for people who don't understand legal practice. It has zero substance and is just stirring ignorant people. It's mainly a story about people who needed a lawyer and refused to get one because they were arrogant and wanted to fall on their sword for the publicity you're not giving them. Congrats. You got played.


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Per-offence bonding is a human rights violation, as in a modern justice system the bond is related to the characteristics of the offender not the offence. Pro tip: mandatory minimum sentences are also internationally condemned as a violation of human rights. The US is a major offender against human rights every single day.


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These do not demonstrate that they don't get used. to it. Did you even read what you copypasta'd?

When I asked for citations, implicit to that was that they be studies which demonstrated your point - not random citations for studies which do not demonstrate your point. I apologise. It didn't occur to me that you would fail to understand that the studies needed to agree with, support or demonstrate your point and not be tangentially related but irrelevant. Given you missed the point entirely, I won't bother reading your irrelevant copy pasta. I overestimated you. I'm sorry.