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we are whatever enough of us vote to be. fly the red flag high comrade

no but really nationalizing them is too much work. remove tax incentives for office buildings, fix the zoning and regulatory issues with conversions. after that the business owners can make their own decisions. if its keeping buildings we dont particularly need at a loss, thats kinda their business. but dont reward them for it


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That everytime any cost is incurred to drivers or an implication that they should use public transportation they will remember and embellish every single vaguely difficult thing about their lives in the justification of why they cannot possibly use public transportation and also why the cost to own a car in nyc should always be kept artificially low for them


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Every time - every single person here is a disabled single LGBT POC LLC mother with 3 babies all with special needs that need to be driven to different boroughs for the special needs appointments and 17 parents all of whom are in a wheelchair and all also have special needs.

I have never heard someone frame themselves more as a victim than when someone mentions their cars should not be subsidized.