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Just thinking about some of the cheap junk food snacks that are made, imagine the meat version of that.

You know how they say banana flavor is based on how bananas used to taste.

Bananas are essentially cloned now and at risk of dying out because of a lack of resistance to disease.

Imagine this happening to lab grown meat.


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The law of surface tension. Any horizontal surface will seek to be covered. Once covered they become an annoyance, this is due to the items covering the surface seeking other surfaces to inhabit.

Common battles ensue between men tools and woman's make-up products, these two being the most prolific and virile surface consuming objects.


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Elephant run, but not often. They also charge at threats. I've seen them run to waterhole.

It looks like a elderly person doing a quick shuffle.

There's a lot of body rolling as they shift their weight. And of course they don't lift thier legs very high.

Babies Elephants are always charging and running around but nothing like the graceful gallop of a horse.


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Also the eye has a different perspective and you nose it always visible, you brain does a lot of filtering and selecting of what you see. The fact that everyone has a dominant eye means that the brain picks and chooses what information it needs, and does not rely on a 1 to 1


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Not sure if it's still done but in some states the sheriff or police chief used to be elected by the people.

So I guess you would have enough to have a town charter and then the town would set up the necessary services.

Some would be done by a governor some by the major.


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Why? Sales, marketing. Get the kids in with something hip and cool.

It works both ways though.

A game might approach a label and want them to promote their game.

Or if the games popular a label may want to pay the game so they get the recognition.