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> My plan at this point is to switch all our savings to the employer accounts and completely stop contributing to the trading account, just leaving it there until retirement, unless one day we make enough to max out our annual contributions. Thoughts?

Sounds like a good plan. You can in effect shovel money from current savings to tax-deferred retirement accounts by maxing your current year contributions and using your existing savings to cover any budget shortfall. If your employer offers a post-tax plan that allows for in-service Roth rollovers, you can do a mega backdoor Roth IRA and convert up to 66,000 this year.


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NYT has being doing amazing investigative reporting on a similar issue with prenatal screens:

FDA issued a warning to parents:

This is a different type of testing than the newborn screen (blood spot cards) you are talking about. It’s screening fetal genetic material in maternal circulation during pregnancy. But this also has the problems of false positives and failure to properly counsel parents about the result.


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She still has the mutation. They didn’t do anything to alter her genes. The breakthrough here was being able to administer the missing enzyme to her in utero. Previously, they’ve given this enzyme treatment soon after birth, when much damage was already done during fetal development. She will receive the treatment for the rest of her life, unless they invent a new therapy.

The actual paper is paywalled, so I’m going off of the linked reporting.