GhostFish t1_je86xpj wrote

The species as a mass is not intelligent. It has no empathy for others because there are no others. It does not recognize other life as valuable beyond potential as a food source.

You are marveling at the intricacy of individual cells while ignoring the ravenous beast that the cells came from.

The species can't conceive of the choice. It just feeds and facilitates entropy.


GhostFish t1_jdvkqfv wrote

>A simple search for "best pc for gaming" leads to a page dominated by sponsored links rather than helpful advice on which computer to buy.

If this is how you open then I'm not going to bother to read the rest.

The ads might not seem helpful, but the query is braindead. If you seriously type this into Google then you don't know what you're asking for. You're actually better off going with one of those mass-market gaming PCs that are being advertised.

If you actually want to know the right answer to this question, you don't ask Google to recommend a PC. You look at the games you want to play and the hardware they recommend. Then you can decide which prebuilt system is right for you or if you want to build your own.

The sponsored links, like it or not, are probably the most frustration free direction to take for someone making that braindead query.