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> Say there was a drug bust in a neigborhood and someone that had a criminal record was keeping clean, ends up being recorded his car just passing through. People have gone to jail for less.

Rofl, good luck prosecutor-chan!


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> You dont have a problem with this until it becomes a problem that affects you.

You do have a problem with it until there is a problem and the system is not there to solve it. Your son gets kidnapped? Awww, too bad, we prioritized not knowing when you went to Wendy’s. Ta-ta!


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> the police could know every time you drive to or from your home. You’re OK with that?

You mean it’s like having private security for “free”? Yeah, I’m very much okay with that.

> Personal tracking that will never be used to help you, but only harm you?

Lmfao. Yes, this will never be used to help you, but only to harm you. Like when a pedo pulls your son into a van, the camera capturing that? Harmful to you.

This oh-noes-surveillance bitching is really quite pathetic. We used to have serial killers who were stacking teenage boys’ bodies in their basements for decades before they got caught by some sheer accident. Lots of them too. Last year, some asshole started shooting homeless people in New York and the police took his ass off the streets in a day. But think of the privacy of all those homeless people he would have shot!

Instead of seeing the merit these systems have for regular, good, hardworking people, the upvoted dummy is of course some alarmist loser who is very worried about someone misusing access to his car location info from a database of 300-something million people. 🤦‍♀️


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There are no actual demands for infinite growth. I don’t know why Reddit made this its new strawman that it can’t stop parroting.

If FB shares become priced at the same PE ratio as your local utilities company, nobody will expect the company to grow. The only “issue”, if you can even call it that, is that they’re significantly more expensive because growth is still expected.

When FB’s growth expectations drop to zero, nobody will pay the current share price or expect any growth. If this sounds too fanciful for you, your boring-ass local utilities company was hot shit too at one point, assuming it is old enough.