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You couldn't be more incorrect. Cops don't get to just tell you what to do if you haven't broken a law. Hence "Law Enforcement". Police have exactly zero authority to touch you if you've not broken a law.

He didn't have to speak at all. That's his right. If he wasn't pulled over for a traffic violation, they can't even demand ID without a reason.


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I once took a wrong turn on the back roads of a Wisconsin winter. This was about 130a so no one was around for miles. Unfortunately, I ended up with a flat. As I'm emptying my trunk to change it with the crappy factory jack (in the middle of a country road, under the light of the stars and just a small flashlight), an elderly couple rolls up out of nowhere and offers to assist. They had my passenger hang with his wife in their van/truck while he and I got to work.

Afterward, they had us stop by their small farm house for a map check (pre GPS) and explained the wrong turn. She made us hot cocoa for the drive and got us on our way. They were the sweetest strangers I've ever met.