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>Thoroughly conflicted If i should even leave the post up coz he's clearly not trustworthy, but on the other hand his ego and dodgy ambitions to be seen as a "philanthropic king" might align with Ukraine's need for infrastructure after all the damage from Russia.

I think a heavy dose of skepticism is needed in these situations. I don't think he's going to steal from the fund or anything sinister like that - but i've seen a lot of people get hurt by his broken promises along the way. These guys like to show up at Davos with something to say and some swagger in their step. It's billionaire dick swinging. Enough people know this that I don't think its going to harm Ukraine in any - but at the same time I've learnt not put in trust in these fuckers.


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why is everyone so willing to put their trust into billionaires? there isn't a chance in hell he puts his money where his mouth is. just look at what happened the last time the price of ore crashed.


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>I am skeptical about twiggy, but in this case bringing a rich self promoting arse hat, selling investment to other rich self promoting arsehats is likely to do good eventually. Ukraine needs funding, and being part of investing or being seen to invest in Ukraine rebuilding could be the next trendy virtue signalling for billionairs.

here's one more.
This guy is the king of rug pulls.