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Science was wrong in the past, basicly all the time.

Just read up upon the history of climate science. Its fascinating how fast things escalated. A hundred years ago, the believe was that we still had hundreds of years of time, till the temperature change would be measurable...

But bad jokes aside... does it matter if they are right? More importantly: Is there any reason to believe that the results of science of over 100 years is flawed?


GinTonicDev t1_j6ck4hf wrote

That obviously depends on what "being wrong" implies. Even if all that C12 vs C13 thing and what it does to our atmosphere does is wrong and just a "happy random missunderstanding", because we missed something.... we most likely still fought for a healthier world.

The risks of being right and continuing to ignore the issue most likely outweight the risks of being wrong by far.