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I love Bitey! She deserves all the love and cuddles!

If she (he?) truly is quite bitey, don't let her gnaw on your fingers. It may not hurt too much now, but as she gets bigger and stronger it will get painful real quick. And she'll be sad and confused why you are angry, because you taught her it was ok.

(Ask me how Iearned this lesson!)

Our girl (who still wants to chew on our fingers) has her own toothbrush now that we break out when she's in a bitey mood. She loves the bristles, apparently.


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I used to think there was some merit to tabula rasa theory.

But then I had kids.

They had clearly defined personalities and tendencies from day one.

Not saying I know why. Is it chemical? Genetic? Spiritual? Who knows.

But anyone who has spent any time with newborns can probably confirm that they are not born with blank slates.


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No matter how old or knows how to catch mouse.

Our 7 year old indoor cat never caught a thing in her life, didn't even have much time with her momcat, according to the rescue.

But she started asking to go into the garage, so we allowed it. A few days later she started bringing us dead chipmunks.

Cats are murder machines, all of them.


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I know yall are going to hate this suggestion, but my younger teens love Drunk History.

It's hilariously funny and serves as a jumping off point for them to do their own research. They have studied several specific people and events we only learned about by watching DH.

(DH is also teaching them that too much alcohol makes you demonstrably stupid, which is a good lesson to learn at a young age.)

Yes...we watched Horrible Histories, but it always rubbed them the wrong way...trying to be too funny and silly, and over too quickly. I would have to jump in and tell them what each sketch was actually referencing. (But then the show would have done three more sketches in that time.)

They all have simplified history youtubers they watch and some of them are very good. My 12yo just did a school project on Yugoslavia after watching some youtube video about it.


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If you don't understand pregnancy well enough to think that happens, don't write it into your show.

Babies change position and move around until the 9th month. The only time a baby needs to be turned is before delivery.

If the baby had been twisted enough to cause her pain (pulling away from the placenta), she actually would be in early labour.


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I loved Dark.

I couldn't even get through the first episode of 1899.

The dialogue was just so bad and...wrong. I don't demand historical accuracy, but I like convincingly close historical accuracy. (For example, I loved The Terror.)

This show felt like it was written by a 16 year old trying to imagine the language and culture of 1899. Not actual informed adults who are somewhat familiar with the language and norms of a specific era in history.

The ridiculously inaccurate woman-in-labour scene sealed the deal for me. You don't just stop being in early labour because someone turns the baby.


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I highly recommend you watch the whole clip.

It's so much worse than the headlines make it seem.

He tells a random story about watching this movie (movies?) with his kids on multiple screens, name-drops the wrong movie, and goes on so many incoherent tangents that it's a real roller-coaster.


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All sperms and eggs do not carry the same DNA. They carry a random 50% of the parent's DNA.

Otherwise, all men would only have daughters (or sons).

Sometimes dad's sperm carries the Y; sometimes it carries the X.