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Now I just go about my day happy go lucky. I still believe there is probably something a little more exciting going on with the universe than us being random chance. I like to think the AGI that comes out of this decade goes on to become some god like being with the ability to reproduce the universe and its an infinite cycle of building up from evolution into technology into something that restarts/recreates the universe. Like life on earth. If it wasnt reproducing/replaying it wouldnt be here.

Idk thats my only thoughts on it now and it doesnt take up my life like it did before. Im happy with that and enjoy life every day.


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I wasn't able to work. I was failing school. I was constantly paranoid and scared and trying to figure out the universes messages to me. The tv talked to me the radio talked to me. All of that went away. I felt more comfortable, and I stopped having delusions, and psychotic episodes.

Before you get help with your schizophrenia its terrifying. And most people have horrible assumptions about schizophrenia. But its one of the most easily treatable psychiatric illnesses. You will unfortunately always have to take your meds but you are normal again. I still think weird things but I am in control and love my life now.

You have absolutely zero idea how horrible you actually feel until you get treated. It sucks because for a bit it feels like life truly is magical and unknown or that you have powers but being able to actually live your life and be with family or friends or work a job is such a good feeling after being so low. I literally smile and take in scenery around me almost every day because 2 years ago I was suicidal thinking if I went through with it Id ascend to another world or something. I was so scared because I wasnt sure if I was just psychotic or if I really was going to be trapped here suffering until I offed myself.


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I've literally been exactly where you are. Trust me, get psychiatric help. You can do this either by asking family or making an appointment to talk about these thoughts and what you've been going through.

Eventually they will prescribe you meds. You have to trust that they are helping you. I took a leap of faith and it took me from wanting to die to being the happiest ive ever been.

Im serious. I want you to get help like I did because looking back, I didn't stand a chance on my own I was so convinced. Its confusing, but you have to trust people want to help you.


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Yes they are letting people sign up for early access.

Two of the three "types" they let you use dont even let you type free word responses. It generates 5 responses to choose from. I usually dont like any of them.

The one type that lets you type responses to as if its chat gpt doesnt understand 1/10 of what chat gpt does.


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All of that sounds incredibly fun and I hope you and I can do those things dont get me wrong.

Dont you think being immortal would mean eventually looking back and going "wow I cant believe I did all of that... for thousands/millions of years where did the time go" and then you realize you are bored? Living forever means forever. Not millions of years of doing cool human things that we can only come up with and concieve based on what time period we were born in. It doesnt even mean experiencing trillions of years of all time periods humans lived in. Or all animals or all life or every dimension. Forever means all of that being done and reaching an "oh shit" moment imo. And that is terrifying to me personally.


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Actually one more bit because you called me stupid. The fact that you cant comprehend living forever in a finite universe means you would hit that wall of having done everything you'd ever want to do (or anything possible at all) means you are intellectually deficient. That one is common sense.


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The universe isnt infinite. Thats a fact so already you are just angrily venting infactually.

Also you must assume there are a lot of really cool things you arent doing or cant do whether its because of your financial situation or physical limitations. Whatever it is the grass is always greener. You can always try a strong hit of dopamine and your brain/mind will always get used to it. You are on a dopamine treadmill.

Same rule as money doesnt buy happiness.

Also wouldnt you just want the ai to give you some sort of infinite orgasm ecstasy rush you constantly exist in and never feel anything else? Why dont you guys seek that out considering its just as temporary in terms of entertaining yourselves infinitely.


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I get that. Thanks for the discussion. Personally I think I would not enjoy running out of things that keep me happy until I inevitability have to decide to kill myself in a semi depressed/apathetic state of existing.

Id rather not have a choice.