Giric t1_iyqgh40 wrote

I’m a relative newcomer to PA. I moved up about a year ago to work for the US Forest Service. So, take the suggestion for what you will.

Who keeps a record of deeds? I would think either the county or township has a record of who owns what. They might have transfer records for the property, too. That could give you some idea of what it was. There has to be a building permit filled at some point. Local government archives might still have that squirreled away somewhere.

You might be able to see if the church across from it has any records. The local newspaper - I don’t remember which one covers that area - and/or the local library might have an archive that could help.

It does have an early 20th century look to it, as well as has been suggested of school or office building. I don’t know the history of East Hickory and Endeavor enough to make much more of a guess. Automatically, I want to assume it was part of a timber company or oil and gas company.