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I would talk to her in person when she comes back. Or text her asking if you two can have a house meeting to chat since she’s been gone so long. Then mention hey it really bothered me when you moved my stuff all the time before, can we come up with a compromise so you don’t get frustrated when I do x, and I don’t get frustrated when you do y?


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I agree Nazareth is underfunded, but they almost killed my dad twice while he was having a heart issue by giving him a med my mother told every nurse and doctor they saw he was allergic to. And I have several people I grew up with who had similar horror stories of that specific location killing or almost killing people due to negligence. That entire hospital needs a revamp from the ground up, not new scrubs


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I think one issue here is that temple seems to be relying more and more on TAs to be primary professors instead of hiring actual field experts. In fact by my senior year several years back, nearly half my classes were entirely taught by TAs. They are not being compensated as a professor would be while taking on that work load. And frankly 20k is not a liveable wage in Philly. As you said, they don’t need to live comfortably, but they shouldn’t need to essentially work three jobs (ta + full time student + another job). It is also a disgrace the way the school is handling the strike. I’m fairly sure federally it’s illegal to try to punish them for striking. Not that other big corporations haven’t just taken the fines and LOLd at the law. But that doesn’t make it right.


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I mailed my mother a package from Colorado and the post office says they don’t have it, they can’t file a claim without the original receipt (photo of the receipt with tracking number doesn’t count), and it theoretically was delivered not long before my mom got home that weekend. So I’m hoping they have it and it shows late, or some nice neighbor got it instead and returns it. Smh