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> I am on the side of cutting out the Charter schools all together, the continued tax hike to accommodate the fraud of paying the Charter schools over sending kids to the public school is choking the real estate potential for the area.

Yeah I'm in that camp. Charter schools always sounded like a band-aid type solution anyway. Instead of fixing the problems we're just choking the already failing school of funds and exporting them to another school where nothing stops them from eventually having the same problems of poor management, corruption, poor teachers over time.

Also I always felt like charter kind of robbed that sense of community public schools give.

Again never blamed anyone for wanting to send their kids there, but as a society I feel like this is not the most efficient use of our tax dollars.


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I think a lot of families hear all the bad press and I certainly don't blame families for wanting to do that. My neighborhood is about half and half. That said the grass isn't always greener... I know two other families that have switched from Collegium back to Coatesville this year. The one family was getting some serious bullying going on with their teen in Collegium high school. I'm not going to say the same doesn't happen at Coatesville, but I feel the staff is equiped to handled this because of the negative press the district has to endure regularily.

Academically kids that will perform well in Coatesville will do so because they have the support of their parents. And for those kids they were going to be college bound whichever district they went to. One example, Coatesville robotics club hosted the regional competition and advanced to the state competition this year so things like that are looking up for the district in that regard.

We have teacher shortages, but like many other districts experienced after the pandemic. They're as good as or better than any district in the area in my opinion. Also being a public school they have a hard requirement to have a PA State Teacher Certification. I don't believe all Charter school teachers have this requirement including Collegium.

In any case... Yes, Coatesville definitely suffers from funding shortfalls due to the Charter school formula, and hopefully this helps with that. Since the CASD school district has a disproportionate amount going to Collegium/Avon Grove as you've pointed out... the district suffers moreso due to economy of scale problems (i.e overhead of running multiple school systems, higher mileage bussing, etc.) and has had to raise real estate taxes as a result. We all suffer for that regardless of our choice of where to send our kids.