GiveToOedipus t1_jb1ccm5 wrote

While I agree that two elderly women taking a bucket list trip is barely a scratch on the surface compared to other sources of pollution, our collective actions are part of the issue and we should be cognizant of it with regards to the industries we support and the legislators we vote for. This trip is a non-issue witj argars to the bigger picture overall. Secondly, I don't think the "cabon offset" charges actually help do more than make people feel less guilty about their choices. Everything I've read and seen reported on the matter points to it being nothing more than PR for these companies and doesn't actually do anything to fix it. Some go toward planting trees, but that's assuming it actually happens, and others go towards things that were going to happen anyway.

Point is, be careful with simple solutions being offered based on "offset" fess. Many of them are basically scams.