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The fuck is it with this sub's gigantic hard-on for people losing their jobs?

The first thing that comes to your mind when reading this is "doctor obsolescence imminent" (which is weird bc I presume you don't have the slightest clue of what they do in general), and per usual, people on this sub's mouths being to water (because that's totally normal) when they see comments like this.

The collective population of this subreddit has got to be one of the absolute strangest IRL on this entire website.


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If you believe that, then you either aren't very familiar with labor or aren't very familiar with ChatGPT (or both).

I agree with funprize (another redditor who also replied to your comment) that while a future version could someday be a threat to a lot of workers, this one (even if it's finetuned) probably won't.


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I've noticed that a surefire way of getting a decent amount of upvotes on this sub is to comment that a certain job/industry is done for (or something along those lines).

It's almost like a lot of people on this sub get major hard-ons when thinking about the demise of an industry or job. Fucking weird.


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To play devils advocate, you can compile a list of AI achievements (even if not as impressive as this one) this long every week, and knowing that dampens the impressive-ness of this list just a bit.

Not to mention the list is seriously inflated by headlines that aren't actually advancements.

Not to say that we didn't see progress last week (of course we did), but I kinda get the feeling you're making it seem bigger than what it actually was.


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Reply to comment by BigShoots in Progress of AI art. by jlpt1591

>This shit is about to completely turn the world upside down in the next year

I've been seeing comments like this on this sub way too much recently.

Change does not happen this quickly. We're not just suddenly going to go from a "normal" year in 2022 to a "crazy" year in 2023, life and society and dare I say technological progress don't work that way. I'm sure a lot of people thought that way back in 2020 when GPT3 was announced, but 2 and a half years it still really hasn't affected the world all too much, and ChatGPT is not that giant of an improvement over GPT3, in my opinion.

In any case, nobody should be rooting for your prediction to come true because that much change in the span of one year is way too much too handle for society.


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You think ONE language model is going to cause all of this? What if it's not even THAT much better than it's predecessor (I mean it could be, but it could also not be, time will tell)? The AI researcher community hasn't even reached a consensus that language models are the way forward, so this comment strikes me as a bit optimistic. But like I said, time will tell if you're right or not.