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The individual officer pays for the insurance. The officer creates an issue where they are at fault. Insurance pays out, the officer's premium goes up. Eventually it's not financially worth it to be a bad cop. It's not a perfect solution. At the moment the citizen is on the hook for bad conduct. This would solve that.


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If an art handler is handling art then they are part of the art industry. That’s obvious. For them to do their job they need to be handling art. If they became a security guard…then they are in the security field, not the art field. For a security guard…they need something to guard, it doesn’t have to be art.

A labor painter who paints walls of buildings, and one day paints the outside of a museum, isn’t part of the art industry. ( Though you could stretch that I suppose his industry might effect overall paint/tool prices)

A artist who paints in his/her home and doesn’t sell or license their work, is a hobbyist.

An artist who paints at home and sells or commercializes their work, is in the art industry.

That Gagosian friend? He’s a security guard, in security no matter how long he works there. There’s nothing wrong with that. His industry is security not art.

Is there a gray area in some jobs? Sure. Is it worth arguing over. Nope. What matters is they get a living wage, and hopefully enjoy their work. That’s about as far as I’m going with this.


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I can see how’d you see that though I still disagree. Their job is security not art. Though they could be in both industries. If you moved them to a building doing the same job without art being what they are guarding, they are still doing security. That’s the core of their job. Even if they are aspiring artists or trying to get into the art industry indirectly.

Though this is more of a semantics argument. And I don’t mean this to be a cold hard fact. Just my opinion. It doesn’t disparage their occupation as well. Nothing wrong with being a security guard.


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The article has some really good information and some dumb information.

Being a security guard doesn’t mean you work in the “art industry.”

At the same time a gallery requiring a bachelors or masters for a front desk position is pretty shitty too.

Front Desk Associate | Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree, one year of experience | $23 an hour