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Just going to leave this here with the recommendation that anyone remotely interested in antisemitism and authoritarianism give it a watch. It’s a hard watch, to be sure. It’s paywalled but all PBS asks for is a donation (I pay$5/month for access).

Also, that username… Oy! 😉


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Reached out to them today. Claimed everything was nominal on their end. Though it can be a time suck, if anyone who isn’t getting 5G service (and who pays for it) submits a tech request, maybe it’ll get some traction.


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Has anyone reached out to Verizon to see what's going on? We're paying for 5G service and so... are not getting what we paid for. I'll be calling in the AM, simply curious if someone has beat me to it?


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It’s my goal to not rag on anyone as I assume everyone is trying. That said, I’ve never even heard of Jimm’s so meant it less as a jab to them.

Also people here seem unable to withstand criticism of Springfield. Maybe it’s the Jersey in me, but I’m capable of both love and honesty.


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Speaking for the pizza... yes. However, at least the editors called out Therefore Pizza. And while it's by far not my favorite style, Pizza House has a passable tavern style pie. But, yes the city deserves (maybe? I'm hoping so) better pizza. Hang tight ;)

For me the most conspicuously bad result is the fine dining category! Neither Progress nor The Order nor Harvest are listed and those are the top 3 in town.


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If you're looking for a new everyday burger, I've got nothing for you. If you're cool to pay $19+ for a burger (maybe once?) Progress' burger should satisfy. Or, The Order's $24 Wagyu Smash Burger is worth a go.


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My text for this post since links can't add text: A skewed vision and report of the food scene in the city to be sure, but perhaps worthy of discussion/bitching/mockery/sharing/etc...


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Mama Jean’s (each location has a different stock- east sunshine and republic are best bets. Republic has better, smaller producer wines as well), brown derby on Glenstone, either of the European markets for Eastern European specific, Culture Counter in Rountree for locally farmed cheeses, farmers market in season, annnnd… that’s about it, unfortunately.