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Reminds me of my stocks in the early dotcom era.. was my biggest memory there, especially reading the story behind it. I lost a lot of money but it was a great learning experience. Thankfully I was only 18 at the time so easily recovered.. These days I'm much more careful. Ironically, I've been heavily invested in crypto for the last 10 years so maybe practice what I preach. LOL


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I 100% believe it's coming.. I just don't know if we'll see fully autonomous civilian vehicles before 2030 at this point. I'm a HUGE CCP Grey fan and loved this video problem is edge cases and that's hardly even been scratched, so I just dont see it happening soon. Farming rarely has edge cases and it's already pretty automated at this point VIA GPS. So I really think it'll be the first proof of work when it comes to fully autonomous.

Edit: Just out of curiosity, I searched Autonomous Farming and found this article.


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Farming first... Freight 2nd.. THEN drivers will start worrying.. This is just a small test. I still remember writing a paper for school on how completely autonomous cars will be on the road by 2020.. It's 2022.. Needless to say I'm jaded at this point.


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Personally, I like it more because of the higher variety of food and the fact that food selections are rotated a lot more often. Also, Costco focuses heavily on Asian foods which are absolutely my favorite. In my market, the people that work there are significantly better and nicer than those that work at Sams. Workers at Sams just seem like working there is a punishment of some kind. I do like how Sams has their aisles labeled though! Especially in the frozen food sections. Costco may not do this for the reason I first mentioned as they tend to rotate things out and have a bigger variety than Sams. But just a general like hey papergoods are over here or kitchen stuff over here would be nice. Not a big deal as I use Costco more often and learn the layout.


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More reasons I can't wait to move out of Oklahoma.. The cost of living is the only thing keeping me here. I was SO excited to finally get a Costco here in OKC. I was a Sams member because there was nothing better.. Now I drive to Costco when there are literally 4 Sams closer. Really wish they would put one in the Urban core, but a couple more years I'll be able to afford to move and it wont matter.


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The gold shirts I believe is pretty much a textile tycoon thing.. And India isn't the only place that rich get murdered by "friends"... Other countries are just better at hiding that.

In the USA when it happens the cops turn the other way while any speculation of that matter would be considered a crack pot conspiracy.