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From deep in the "full article":

>One of the cost-saving measures the school board insisted on was a “green lighting system” run on software installed by a company called 5th Light to control the lights in the building. The system was designed to save energy — and thus save money — by automatically adjusting the lights as needed.

>But in August 2021, staffers at the school noticed that the lights were not dimming in the daytime and burning brightly through the night.

>“The lighting system went into default,” said Osborne. “And the default position for the lighting system is for the lights to be on.”

>Osborne said they immediately reached out to the original installer of the system only to discover that the company had changed hands several times since the high school was built. When they finally tracked down the current owner of the company, Reflex Lighting, several more weeks went by before the company was able to find somebody familiar with the high school’s lighting system, he said.

The replacement parts are on order from china, and they're throwing in a manual override as well.


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Bingo. Recently a dump where I was working banned pressure treated and painted lumber. They area didn't ban selling it and per code it's required, nor did they come up with what to do with the waste, just banned the dump from accepting it.

The employees at the xfer station were clearly done playing county fodder. Literally told me to just go dump it in the forest somewhere :/


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>Criminal networks are increasingly exploiting the waste industry in massive fraud and fly-tipping schemes involving household recycling and the dumping or burying of toxic and dangerous substances (read: garbage) to evade landfill charges and other taxes.

Yes, 'criminal networks' literally dumping garbage on the side of the road. ...soldiers will now be.. "hiding in the bushes" to catch them.


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See, I thought this was already a thing in the uk and 'western' europe? Basically a tactic to stem blatent defimation.

Anyway, as per confirmation bias, recently a professor quasi connected to another tragic event was named, "investigated" and shamed by the internet. Detectives haven't even named a suspect yet. Yet, the great internet sleuths have already hung this professor with an army in toe. If, for w.e. reason, this prof ends up on the stand you can bet money the jury pool will largely be tainted.. minimal real evidence confirming w.e. they already believe to be true that they learned from fb, or reddit, or w.e.

You (not personally) aren't playing fair, you won't go looking for evidence to clear this person or that they love kittens, you're looking for evidence to support your belief in their guilt.

We know nothing of the case, nor this girl's roll in it, yet look at the comments. Blood's in the water, imagine if we had literally any access to their irl identity.


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Specific to this person, that could all come after conviction.

More generally, law enforcement could put out a statement with details asking others to come forward while still withholding the suspect's identity.

Anybody close enough to know her identity, doesn't need the news to tell them. To any other "stranger" victims, her identity does nothing but reinforce confirmation bias.

Being completely honest, you're looking to play internet detective. Wanting to know who she is, understandable as we're a curious species.. but ultimately that's the authorities job, you (the internet) will just bloody the waters.