GoBlank t1_jduyr51 wrote

Motorists straight up don't know the laws of the road, and they won't care to learn them until it starts biting them in the ass. Nearly being struck as a pedestrian or a cyclist is basically a daily experience now. Crosswalks? Fuck that. No turn on red? Fuck that. Staying off the phone? Fuck that.

A favorite was when a guy nearly ran me over me with an illegal u-y and then had the gall to roll down his window and calmly tell me I shouldn't be on roads without bike lanes. Motherfucker, do even you know the law? I wanna get section 11B printed on business cards and hand them out like candy- but I know eventually I'm gonna run into a guy who's car is a stand in for his whole identity, and he'll be the dude who tries to kill me instead of merely threatening it.