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I don’t think they have either (although they do have a good selection of tools and equipment for any redditors working on DIY projects at home)! If the board and clock are pricey I can contribute or pay my share during the first meeting.

Saturdays work best for me. I’m preparing for my next actuarial exam in April, and need to be posting up in that library as much as possible.

Lots of restaurants and bars nearby for people itching to socialize too.


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I would love to meet up weekly for chess. If we don’t find any options I’m interested enough to make our own weekly group. The providence public library should be a good location, though I’m also fine with bars or lounges like Jake & Johnnys on Fed Hill.


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Love your username. Finishing up the last few exams I have for my ASA(actuary), so I’m usually studying or working. I don’t really drink or go out like others do, so i’ve only made a few friends up here. I second what others have posted about rec sports.

Come pick up tennis at RWP when the courts open in the spring. It’s a fun time, and I’ve made most of my friends/connections over there. I’ve been dying to go hiking around here, but haven’t gotten the opportunity yet. I got a gaming PC last year; I will DM you with my usernames later.


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Where I live on federal hill, the problem is almost entirely enforcement. The noise stems from cars/bikes with illegal exhaust modifications driving through town or going out to eat. I WFH and hear noise pollution all day. While there are sirens, honks, cat noise in general, removing the 1% who blatantly break the law would fix 90% of the problem.


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