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Moved from 90 Columbus to 65 Bay. Everything feels higher quality in 65 Bay despite the building being a few years older.

That said the gym is tiny and cramped and I immensely missed having Base access. Base is not worth the $170 or whatever membership rate IMO.


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Not trying to fight but anyone buying expensive property in hot neighborhoods already knows not to count on huge appreciation.

People buy in popular neighborhoods because they want to live there + build equity while doing so.

A collapse is not happening unless there are major external factors.


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What kind of barrel is this and what's inside. If this is any kind of alcohol or food substance you'll need help because there will be all kinds of documentation and permits involved.

You're best off asking for quotes from freight forwarding services asking for a spot quote on an LTL shipment. This basically means you'll be secured space in a container of other goods routing to the same Caribbean ports. They can help with the details and if necessary arrange all transportation to door. This might not be cheap but it will be far easier than trying to do this alone.

Type and size of cargo matters. If this is just a small barrel of non regulated cargo then bring it to your local UPS or DHL office.


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PATH sucks late night. It is what it is.

PBAT (port authority bus terminal) is a miserable dump and that's daytime. Late night it's a mess.

Given a choose I'd choose living close to PATH any day over relying on NJ Transit or jitney buses.


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I'd also add using tried and true methods like cut and cover could easily expand subway access in Brooklyn, Queens, etc. Relatively cheap too at least compared to 2nd Ave and the LIRR access projects.

But the powers that make these decisions seem laser focused on prioritizing Manhattan centric projects. They would rather spend $10 billion on another 2nd Ave phase than extend any outer borough subway lines.

If there really is a permanent shift to WFH culture it may be time to reprioritize how much we focus on Manhattan.