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Quick Google search says Starbucks uses 160,000,000 gallons of milk annually. Figure a tiny savings like half a percent milk saved each year due to avoiding theft or large pours. That's still 8,000,000 gallons saved and assuming a mass quality average of $2 p/gallon that's $16 million saved annually.

Add in the more expensive milk options and ballpark probably looking at $50 million or more saved each year.


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I can think of two immediate reasons.

1 - Long haul customers are not all connected to rail.

2 - Railroads are swimming in profits and smaller volume customers may find it cheaper to use trucking. Couple this with #1 - If I'm receiving only a few containers per month to my Missouri business it may be cheaper for me to have them trucked from Norfolk. Moving rail to Chicago then on road last mile might cost me more overall.