GoatmontWaters t1_j1uv9w2 wrote

Reply to art future by nickmakr

Ill give you an honest answer. Yes. Why? Because art is already mostly used to launder money (real life art). And NFTs can let you do that but was easier. This is why theres still billions traded each day in NFT sales despite everyone telling you they are scams. ARe they scams? I Dont know, you got some money to launder? Rich people do it and never get in trouble. So maybe you can now do it too.


Now... Non Art NFTs have a very bright future. Utility NFTs are already massively successful in small pockets and will continue to spread. I personally have made multiple thousands of profit from Utility NFTS (not the bored apes or PFP NFTs, NFTs that are stakable and serve functions.)