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Nothing. Because as a property owner THAT IS MY RIGHT.

I have no space for anyone beside my family, and that’s perfectly fine. Your attempt at making me feel bad fell short, I’m afraid.

I don’t feel like anyone has a right to my property but me and mine.

Edit to add: and yeah, if I had given multiple warnings (I’m assuming these folk did, because that’s the decent thing to do), and my warning was ignored, I’d do what is necessary to protect my own property. Joe Bob doesn’t have a right to it because he’s mentally ill and can’t hold a job. That is not my problem and my property or home does not have to be apart of that solution.


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You cannot get upset for a land owner wanting uninvited homeless to vacate their land. I’m sure they’ve been warned multiple times.

I believe in equal access to everything as much as the next person, but if people are so hell bent on helping, buy some land and invite them there. Don’t get pissed at land owners for not wanting their property trashed. Give me a break. A lot of solution givers but not one I’ve seen that is willing to share their home/property.


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That doesn’t mean they are getting paid like retail cashiers. So yeah, I still tip them.

Edit to ask: or are you one of those people who think that by punishing the employees and not tipping them, you’re sticking it to the man?


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Honestly, I don’t follow all of that so I don’t know. I know GDF gets a lot of hate over Missouri as a whole, but GDF west is some of the nicest staff. And they have all kinds of price points from like 25+.

Honestly, what I suggest doing is gathering all The names and shopping their websites.