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I've seen people share this idea all over and just don't get it?

I agree that the Russian state is run by a bunch of corrupt Lunatics. But so is the DPRK and they have at least 50 functional ICBMs with a nearly non-existent economic system

Russia on paper has about 6000 nuclear warheads. ~1000 of which are deployed. Even if we say that 90% of them arn't working that's still 100 deployed and 600 war heads. It only takes 100 strategic weapons to kill most of Europe

I don't get why down play the gravity of the situation.

Being honest make people frightened. But at least people know the reality of the situation and why the current Russian government is a threat to everyone and needs to be stopped.


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The common answer will be money, which I find sad

We truly built the worst type of prison for ourselves

The worst part being that even if you get the money you find out it never was the issue to begin with. There was just something broken in us.

Just look at what happens to all the people who win the lottery


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Recently had a long discussion with a relative about Canada's new policy around "self ending".

Ultimately came to the conclusion that it's up to the person if they have exhausted all other alternatives and it's not just a brief psychological/emotional reaction

If you really feel like that and live in Canada you can start the process. If not then maybe sit down and first see if you have tried everything. Then go out and get a second opinion, third, fourth until you have exhausted all possible logical reasons not to

Then if you really do still want to, the choice is and always has been yours


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If you weren't born rich the chances of you actually becoming rich have significantly plummeted

Even within the arts most of the "new" talent are 2nd or 3rd generation actors.

A lot of the new money has been made unfortunately in scams for men and sex work for women. Even then unless you got the next big crypto or onlyfans you are destined to work a middle income job until a billionaire buys it out and fires 25% of the workforce

I was in South Africa a couple months back and made a joke with the guy is he had $1 he was richer than the average North American. Because everyone is in debt. I think now if you have $700 of assets (less debts). I think if its $75k you in the 1%. Millionaires are like the 1% of the 1%