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“I believe all evidence is stacked up on you now.” Marco says as the room goes into discussion. “Quite the accusation but let’s look at the evidence sha’ll we?” my lawyer replies. “9:47pm, the murder took hold, my client was at grocery store which is 200 meters aways and he had entered 8:52pm, I have the security footage here so that’s already one major hole in your story.” “Hm…” Marco starts to think.

I cover my smile, knowing full well that my plan is working. My dear lawyer is the best one however, he is one of my own men and that’s a secret that will never be shown. I’m the one who killed the lady but it was due to a slow working poison that was put in days before. Created by myself to be untraceable. The knife was thrown fifty meters away in a blind spot when she was in an area where there were no cameras and it wasn’t far from the grocery store…

“The witness was standing in an area 30 meters away when it took hold, the area they were in was too dark for them to see anything so you can’t trust their claims.” my lawyer continues. “All your evidence is solely reliant on claims and rushed dna tests, therefore making it invalid so unless you have full concrete evidence that cannot be stood against, avoid such a story that has holes.”

I just adore the power I have being converted into words here.


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“Humans are so weak, can’t even accomplish one thing in their lifetime.” Lo snickers. “That’s what makes them so dangerous, we get millions of years to mature, it takes atleast 5000 years for us to simply choose our career.” the queen of the house explains. “They simply know how to choose their career already at 18 because they have such a short time.” “Yet they can’t even get out of their own solar system.” Lo shrugs. “I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you, in probably just a 10000 years, they’ll already be colonizing nearby planets.” the queen responds. “All because they have to work quickly and efficiently.” “THEY’LL WHAT!?” Lo questions. “THAT FAST!?”

The queen of the house turns from the orb and faces Lo on the metal floor. She reaches out her gold like tentacle so Lo can get up. Infact, what the queen just said is simply a sugarcoat for what the humans can actually do in 10000 years.