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I was wondering how is it possible that the sun appears so blindingly bright even though it's not actually brighter, and I noticed that the whole scene was darkened to help produce that effect.



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Yeah, the issue with solar panels is that energy is in the form electricity, not corn. It isn't suitable to be turned into fuel for combustion cars.

But it doesn't matter. Right now, the gas at the pump is a mix of 90% fossil fuel and 10% biofuel.
We can lose the 10% biofuel, just go 100% fossil fuel, and use the energy from the solar farms to displace other energy generation sourced from fossil fuels.

And we'd have a cleaner overall energy mix, even with more polluting car fuel.


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The corn biofuel isn't just stupid because it's economically unsound without subsidies, but photosynthesis isn't really that efficient of a process at capturing solar energy, which in essence, that's what corn biofuel is. It's solar energy turned into fuel.

We do a lot better with solar panels.

Take all the land we are currently growing corn for the purpose of biofuels, and cover it in solar panels. We'd generate a lot more energy from the same amount of land.

Corn biofuel is so stupid.


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This would make sense if at most 20% of the country's energy consumption is in the form of electricity.

Is it? I actually don't know.

Edit: crap. It is. Using my own source. In 2021, the country consumed 293 TWh of energy, of which, 55.78 TWh was electricity which comes out to 19.0% of total energy being in the form of electricity.

I stand corrected.


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Why are you lying to me, article?

>Greece: How much of the country’s energy comes from fossil fuels?

> 2021: 79.84%

I stand corrected. The country's electricity consumption accounts for 19.0% of total energy consumption. So it is entirely plausible that the electric grid is 100% renewable yet 80% of the country's energy comes from fossil fuels.

Which is kind of a sobering thought really. That even if we sourced all our electricity from renewables, we are far from done...