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I find it surprising that no one has researched the history of this Board’s behavior. Ms. Boyd is just the current target of this Board’s anger. My understanding is that this behavior was present with previous CA leaders but they moved on quietly or their contracts were not renewed. Ms. Boyd is clearly a strong leader and wanted to confront the rumors head on, to shine some light on the disfunction. I’m certain the Board corruption is known within the local leadership circles. I’m sure with a little digging one could shine a brighter light on the history of this Board’s behavior. That is the bigger story in my opinion, and will prevent this from happening again with the next CA President.


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No one knows the exact reason, which is why I said they have too much power. They have zero oversight and have pushed back against anyone who tries to speak up. The elections are in April, they need to be voted out. They’re going to try oust her beforehand and misuse community funds in the process.


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You should look into Just Living Advocacy. They support local families in a variety of ways.